Saturday, January 1, 2011

Days 364 - 365 - Look What God Has Done

I thought of so many titles for this last post... like Shoulda - Coulda - or The Party's Over... but that would have been focusing on what got me into trouble in the first place and sent me running to Setting Captives Free ... and if I've learned anything this year it is to look to the Lord and what He can do in me.

We just returned from a Watchnight and I brought all the wheat and sugar I could find in the house to get rid of  it :) - only brought back a little bowl of the cherries that went over the cheesecake.  I'll put those in the freezer for the next potluck. 

Earlier snack shown above - pan crisped sweet potatoes and onions. Delish... Still dear hubby has convinced me to join him in a midnight snack and I've compromised by having a half.  Stomach still regretted it.  I guess, though most of you can handle a little sugar now and then, my body is not ready for it.  Halving such a huge treat is a viable option though, for anyone concerned with health, calories or sugar intake .

So, what has God taught me this year?
                                                                         Filling up at the Lord's Table on a regular basis becomes a habit as strong - no, stronger - than craving for chocolate or potato chips.                  This healthier snack of Greek Yogurt mixed with raspberry juice, raspberries and blueberries, and topped with a bit of granola was so yummy.  This day of snacks also had Blue corn chips with chunks of par-boiled Chicken (cooked in rice-wine with Herbes de Province, parsley and onion salt), and added onions. 
  • I can clean out the pantry and have a healthy kitchen without feeling deprived
  • Cooking with fresh and colorful foods is full of taste and adventure
  • Many restaurants are learning about gluten intolerance and make accommodation
  • I do much better when I journal my intake - found using Weight by Date a tremendous help
  • Fasting is now an important part of my health - physical and spiritual - and is a great pick-me-up especially when I use Emeril's broth, and veggie juice instead of fruit or just water for lengthy fasts
  • Getting oxygen first thing in the morning - whether through stretching, oxycise, sauna or treadmill, makes the whole day go better
  • Eliminating wheat has improved my breathing capacity and stamina.  It's far easier to walk up a lot of stairs, or to take a long walk (often did 4, 5, and 7 mile walks - occasionally doubled those)
  • Looking at food presentation as an art encourages adding color to the meal
  • Focusing on colorful food first, as the main feature, rather than what I can pour on top, has produced more exciting meals with 'brighter' taste
  • Meals are more enjoyable now that I am controlling the food, rather than it controlling me.
I'm thankful that my body responded by losing some weight and inches so I could fit into my former size again, and even more appreciative of an opportunity to apply what I've learned on a possible new column with

Thanks for following my year-long resolution and Have a happy and HEALTHY New Year!  If you are having difficulties with Food, Health, Cravings, Commitment to God first - please do yourself and your loved ones a huge favor and check out - Your freedom in Christ awaits you.

Delores - P.S.  Come visit me at my new website

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